Beauty and the Beast Call Backs

If your name is on this list, you will need to plan to stay after school tomorrow.  Please come to the chorus room right after school and plan to stay until around 5:30.  You will be asked to sing either the Belle Reprise or the Gaston Reprise from the original Disney musical soundtrack.  You may also be asked to read additional monologues or scenes.

Sara Stanton

Emily Jackson

Shelby Bercegeay

Morgan Jones

Talbot Tindall

Amber Medley

Marie Dilbeck

Mckensie Miklitsch

Elias Munoz

T.J. Francis

Onan Jackson

Sammy Sanchez

Brady Payne

Clay Isom

Nik Griffo

If your name is not on this list, that DOES NOT mean that you will not be cast in the show.  Please check this website for the final cast list which will be posted Friday afternoon.

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