Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Beast/Prince – Elias Munoz

Belle – Sara Stanton

Gaston – Clay Isom

LeFou – TJ Francis

Maurice – Brady Payne

Lumiere – Nik Griffo

Cogsworth – Onan Jackson

Babette – Shelby Bercegeay

Mrs. Potts – Emily Jackson

Chip – Morgan Jones

Madame de la Grande Bouche (Wardrobe)  —  Casey Croft

Monsiour D’Arque – Nik Griffo



The specific speaking and singing roles listed below have not yet been cast.  We will be casting these roles during the first week of auditions based on attitude, attendance, dedication and skill.  You may receive more than one of these roles.  Some require specific singing, dancing or acting abilities.  To increase your chances of receiving one or more of these parts, come to rehearsal next week with a helpful and enthusiastic attitude.  We will see you Monday afternoon in the Chorus Room for the first cast/crew meeting and rehearsal.  Rehearsal calendars will be distributed at that time.



Silly Girls (3) (In love with Gaston, singing roles)

Narrator (Voice-over)

Aristocratic Lady

Fish man

Egg man

Sausage Curl Girl


Lady w Cane

Lady w Babies

Candle Man

Hat Seller


Shepherd Boy


Female Villagers

Male Villager

Male Villagers

Gaston’s Cronies:

Crony 1

Crony 2

Flatware  (Dancers)

Bog Singers


Napkins (Dancers)

Wolves (Dancers)

Female villager




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